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Professional Tile Cleaning Melbourne

The Tile Cleaning Experts founders have over 30 years of experience and degrees in nanochemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry. This robust chemistry knowledge means we know how chemical compounds react with your floor, benchtops or other surfaces. It also means we understand the impact of any existing surfaces or coatings that may have been applied to your floor, benchtop or other surface.

Cleaning and restoring tile and stone flooring, benchtops and other services is a specialised area. It requires a lot of expertise – more  than the usual 4 week course, which is industry standard. So be sure to do your  research when investing in your cleaning and restoration of your tile and stone services!

We specialise in an extensive range of surfaces. This includes bluestone, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, ceramic, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles and wooden floors

So if you need your kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, entrance areas, stairs, driveways, courtyards, or even commercial premises tile and stone areas restored just call The Tile Cleaning Experts. We find that that the restoration of showers and kitchen benchtops are two of the most popular services we provide

The range of services we provide include tile cleaning, efflorescence removal, cleaning & sealing, stripping & sealing, regrouting, grout colour sealing, minor tile repairs, silicone repairs, polishing & resurfacing, anti- slip treatment and wood waxing and buffing.


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Our Most Popular Services


Bathroom & Shower tile regrouting Due to stained and decaying grout lines, does your shower or bathroom appear old and worn? Don’t panic; Melbourne’s Tile Cleaning Experts are here to save your tiles! To restore the lustre and cleanliness to your bathing areas, we specialise in shower and bathroom regrouting services.Shower regrouting is an easy

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Even the most luxuourious Melbourne bathroom, (especially the shower) or kitchen can look tired and old if the tile or natural stone surfaces are in need of a good clean. The same goes for outdoor area. Enjoying quality family time around your backyard pool is not as good as it could be if the surrounding

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Even the most luxurious Melbourne bathroom, (especially the shower) or kitchen can look tired and old if the tile or natural stone surfaces are in need of a good clean. The same goes for outdoor area. Enjoying quality family time around your backyard pool is not as good as it could be if the surrounding

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Stone Benchtop Restoration At Tile Cleaning Experts we specialise in kitchen stone benchtop restorations. Benchtops are one of the most heavily used areas of a kitchen. As food is prepared on your kitchen bench it is important that everything is as hygienic as possible. In addition, as a lot of kitchens are now open plan,

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Over time, silicone around shower and bath edges, kitchen tops, vanities, splashbacks and other water-exposed areas in your home can become discoloured, trap mould, peel and even stain. Not only does it make your kitchen, bathroom or laundry look dirty, but it is unhygienic as well. It may also be causing water damage without you

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Efflorescence Treatment Efflorescence is the crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone surfaces. It usually looks like a white powder on the edge of the surface.  However, if the surface is particularly porous, eg sandstone, the tiles itself will have the efflorescence. Efflorescence usually occurs when

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Tile Sealing & Removal Tile Sealing, Stripping & Removal Melbourne If the stone or tile surfaces in your Melbourne home have already been sealed but still look dirty when you give them a good clean, it may mean that the tiles need to be stripped back before they are are cleaned and sealed again. By

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At Tile Cleaning Experts we specialise in shower restorations. Showers are the most heavily used part of a bathroom. In addition, the humidity and moist environment in your bathroom makes it the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew and other germs in your shower. As a result, your shower can start looking dirty and showing

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Tile Regrouting Floor Tile Regrouting Melbourne Tile regrouting is an easy solution to repairing flaky, missing or discoloured grout. Old and missing grout can make your tiled area look really run down. We regrout any area, whether it’s inside or outside, the kitchen or the shower. Using specialised hand-held tools and machinery, we remove your

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TILE REPAIRS MELBOURNE TILE REPAIRS NEAR ME It’s inevitable – tiles damage with wear and tear. Rather than tiling the entire area, we can take some of the original tiles (if you have spares) or get them matched to save on cost. Minor tile repair is the perfect solution to cracked or chipped tiles. We

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If your natural stone floor has been stained, scratched or faded then you are probably thinking of having it replaced. However, natural stone resurfacing is likely a much better option. In most cases we can restore your natural stone floor back to looking its best – without the hassle or cost of replacing your floor.

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While the kids may enjoy skidding along the floor in socks, not everyone in the house agrees that slippery floors are ‘fun’. And if we’re talking about a slippery workplace or public area you may be liable for accidents. Anti-slip is a specially formulated liquid that is applied by our trained and experienced team. Anti-slip

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Tile Cleaning Melbourne For All Homes

Are you sick of your Melbourne home’s drab and tiles that don’t look how they were when you first moved in? Our tile cleaning specialists are on hand to assist for all your floor tile cleaning solutions. Your tiles will appear like new thanks to our professional tile cleaning services. We employ cutting-edge methods to clean all varieties of tiles of dirt, grime, and stains. Melbourne locals rely on us to clean their floor tiles. We employ eco-friendly products to restore the luster of your floor tiles without causing any damage.


Stone Tile Cleaning Near You

Cleaning stone tile calls for particular attention. Your natural stone tiles will stay spotless thanks to our specialists in nearby stone tile cleaning. We hope to hear from you soon so please do not hesitate to contact us and we will attend to all your tile cleaning needs.

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