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It’s inevitable – tiles damage with wear and tear. Rather than tiling the entire area, we can take some of the original tiles (if you have spares) or get them matched to save on cost. Minor tile repair is the perfect solution to cracked or chipped tiles.

  • We assess the damaged tile area and discuss your expectations and confirm cost before we start.
  • We carefully remove the damaged tiles by hand.
  • If your tiles are damaged then we’ve got you covered – we do minor tile repairs.


You can rest easy knowing that treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own. When removing tiles by hand it’s not always possible to keep every tile intact, but we try our best to ensure the integrity of all tiles. However, we cannot take responsibility for damage due to the nature of the work.

Contact us and see how we can help repair cracked, chipped or missing tiles.

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Terracotta tile replaced minor tile repair

Good as new Tile Repairs

At Melbourne’s Premier Tile Cleaning Experts, we rejuvenate tiles in order to bring back their natural lustre and brilliance. We are the best choice for all of your tile needs because to our dedication to quality and our niche services. Do ugly cracks or chips detract from the beauty of your tiled surface? With the help of our skilled professionals, your tiles will be brought back to its former splendour through seamless tile restorations. Let’s have a chat about your tiles today!