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Acclaimed for its beauty, elegance and style, marble has graced mansions of the elite for centuries, making it a high-end, luxurious option for interiors. It’s timeless appearance, elegance and durability make it a popular choice for homes and businesses.

From hotel entrances to residential kitchens and bathrooms, marble flooring makes a statement in any space and like all stone tiles, it requires maintenance. Marble is porous, which means it stains, scratched and worn easily. It is especially vulnerable to household acids like vinegar, mustard, citrus and other food-related products. Acidic substances can cause deep stains, etching in the tile and can remove the marble’s natural, stunning shine.

Like all natural stones, marble needs to be sealed regularly. Since cleaning products for deep stains on marble are limited, it’s worth the time and effort to hire a restoration professional.

While marble was once rare and exotic, due to it only being imported from Italy, it is now mined throughout the world, making it more accessible. It is is available in smaller tiles, compared to the large slabs that once required custom-fitting. However, it is still a valuable commodity and regardless of the marble’s origin, it conveys its unique characteristics that people desire  – individuality, natural shine, timeless qualities and sophisticated finish.


There’s a great deal of variety available, so here’s a small list of terms to be familiar with:

  • Veining: Small lines of color what gives this natural stone its unique look. In fact this veining affect is often referred to as “marbleized” when describing other items.
  • Gloss: A highly polished version of the stone that makes it reflective and shiny.
  • Tumbled: A process that distresses and ages the stone so it appears dulled. This soft look creates a milky, creamy color, making it seem buffed rather than glossy.
  • Honed: A no-gloss variety that has a flat, matte, or satin finish. It creates an earthy affect that’s become popular due to its less formal appeal. Plus, it reduces risk of etching.
  • Etching: With everyday foot traffic, the surface may slightly wear by slowly removing its initial polish.