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At Tile Cleaning Experts we specialise in shower restorations. Showers are the most heavily used part of a bathroom. In addition, the humidity and moist environment in your bathroom makes it the perfect breeding ground for mould, mildew and other germs in your shower. As a result, your shower can start looking dirty and showing wear and tear, even when the rest of your bathroom still looks great. However, if your need your more than just your shower worked on, we also do entire bathroom tile restorations.

Fortunately, we are experts at getting showers looking their best again. In fact, we specialise in shower regrouting. Other services include: cleaning and sealing tiles, silicone replacement and minor tile repairs. Not only will we get your shower sparkling again, we will make it a lot easier to keep clean.


  • Inspection – We do a detailed inspection of your shower. This is to make sure we identify everything that needs to be done in relation to the shower restoration process. We also discuss with you the expectations you have in relation to the process and the best options available.
  • Quote –  We provide you with a full quote before we start any work. This way you know exactly how much the shower restoration will cost upfront.
  • Old Grout – Using hand held equipment, we remove the old, broken and discoloured grout. We take special care not to damage the tiles while taking the old grout out.  We always make sure that just enough grout is taken out to allow the new replacement grout to bond properly.
  • Remove the Old Silicone – We carefully remove the old silicone using specialised tools and equipment.
  • Minor Tile Repairs – We carefully remove old broken tiles
  • Clean the Tiles – After the old grout, silicone and broken tiles are removed we then carefully clean the tiles to remove any dirt, mould, stains or loose debris.
  • Replace Broken Tiles – We replace any broken tiles
  • Grout – You are assured that we only use the best quality grout that is suitable for the task at hand. You can also choose to change the colour of the grout if you want an updated look and feel to your shower. It normally takes 24 hours for grout to cure
  • New Silicone is Applied – The new silicone is applied and smoothed out.
  • Excess Grout and Silicone is Removed – All excess grout and silicon is removed to provide a smooth professional finish
  • Clean Again – we do another thorough clean to make your shower sparkle
  • Waiting Time – we recommend that you wait 24 hours before you use your shower
  • Voila – hello new shower that looks great and is much easier to keep clean!

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Our tile cleaning experts go that extra step and will advise you on the best and most cost effective way for your shower restoration. Better still, we provide free no obligation quotes.

Find out more about some of our shower restoration jobs we have done for our many satisfied customers by viewing our before and after photos.