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If your natural stone floor has been stained, scratched or faded then you are probably thinking of having it replaced. However, natural stone resurfacing is likely a much better option. In most cases we can restore your natural stone floor back to looking its best – without the hassle or cost of replacing your floor.

We do this by using specialised machinery with diamond infused polishing pads. This restores the natural lustre of your natural stone floor. This is regardless of whether your floor is bluestone, sandstone, limestone or marble.

It takes a lot of skill and experience to resurface a natural stone floor. If done incorrectly it can actually make the scratches and stains on your floor worse. That’s why you can trust Tile Cleaning Experts as we have the training as well as many years of experience in resurfacing natural stone floors. In addition, we have the skills to determine what grade of polishing is best to remove scratches and stains from the surface of your floor.


  • Inspection – We do a detailed inspection. This is to make sure we identify everything that needs to be done in relation to the resurfacing.
  • Discussion –  We discuss with you the expectations you have in relation to the resurfacing process and the finish you are after.
  •  Quote – We provide you with a full quote before we start any work. This way you know exactly how much the resurfacing will cost upfront.
  • Clean the Natural Stone Tiles – We thoroughly clean your flooring to make sure all dirt, dust and grime is removed.
  • Start the Resurfacing Process – We use the appropriate grit level diamond pad to start the resurfacing work using only water and our specialised machinery. By not using chemicals we protect the stone from further damage or discolouration.
  • Clean the Slurry – after each step we remove the slurry from the surface of your natural stone flooring.
  •  Continue the Resurfacing Process – We select the most appropriate diamond pad for each stage of the resurfacing process and continue with our specialised machinery until the desired result is achieved.
  • Polish – After the desired look is achieved we polish your natural stone floor.
  • Stone Floor is Sealed – We then seal the floor to help protect it from any further damage.
  • Voila – hello resurfaced natural stone floor that looks great and is much easier to keep clean!
  • After restoration care – Always wipe up spills on your natural stone floor as soon as possible. Be careful when moving furniture to make sure you don’t scratch or dent your floor.

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Our tile cleaning experts go that extra step and advise you on the best method and products to use in between professional cleans, so you can maintain and enjoy the sparkle for longer.

Find out more about some of our the polishing and resurfacing we have done for our many satisfied customers by viewing our before and after photos.