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Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Poishing Service

Ceramic tiles are the most cost effective option for your floors. They are available in almost any decorative glaze and are a durable tile. They are usually made from either red or white clay and are heated to about 1400 degrees to become permanently hardened. Ceramic tiles are so versatile, they can be installed almost anywhere in the home or office. Ceramic tiles are usually compared to porcelain tiles, but, in reality they are extremely different tiles. Ceramic tiles have loosely packed molecules in comparison to porcelain and therefore, are less dense and more absorbent. They are prone to discolouration over time due to wear and tear or exposure to the elements of mother nature. They are also easier to cut making them easily installed in a variety of places; which makes it a popular option in any circumstance.

Ceramic tiles come in two varieties: Glazed ceramic and Unglazed ceramic.

Unglazed ceramic tiles was the popular option in the past. They are the same colour throughout the tile and have no print on them unless a pattern was carved or molded into them before the hardening process. Usually handmade, unglazed ceramic tiles have a lot of character in each individual tile. Although beautiful in its own way, Unglazed ceramic tiles are prone to absorb almost anything and having them professionally cleaned and sealed is in the best interest of anyone who owns them.

Glazed ceramic tiles are the most popular tiling option for homes today. Made in the same way as unglazed ceramic, glazed ceramic gets its name from entering the furnace for a second blast after a customised print is embedded on its hardened surface. This glazed surface may provide more protection then its unglazed counterpart, but don’t be fooled, nothing is 100% resistant to dirt and staining.

To protect the beautifully printed patterns or images on its surface, a layer of topical sealer will provide an added layer of protection; almost eliminating wear and tear from the surface of the tile and creating a buffer for unexpected mishaps such as scratching of the surface.