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Honed and polished marble entrance way floor

Honing and Polishing: Everything you need to know

While honing can restore brightness, smoothness and that silky touch to your stone benchtop or floor, polishing restores its gloss and reflectiveness.

Read on to discover the difference between honing and polishing, the benefits of natural vs faux stone, how damage occurs and what you need to fix it.

Child crawling on floor in clean home

Healthy Tiles make a Healthy Home

The flooring and tiles you choose in your space really creates the atmosphere. It complements and unifies many design and decor elements – much like a frame on a gorgeous piece of art of photography. Often, we’re less inclined to notice that the picture frame is looking a little tired

Furniture obstructing floor cleaning area

Preparing for a Professional Floor Cleaner

Remove Furniture Remove any obstructive furniture in the area we’re coming to clean. It’s your responsibility to prepare for any professional tile cleaning service prior to arrival. This includes any bulky items such as fridges and kitchen tables if you want to have the kitchen floors cleaned.  The more you

Woman researching questions on computer

4 Questions When Hiring a Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Sometimes you need to call in professionals – no amount of elbow grease is going to restore the look, feel and cleanliness of your tired flooring or grout. Here are the top five questions you should ask the tile cleaning service before you put them to work. What experience do

Basic Do’s and Don’ts for Natural Stone Floor Care

Natural stone flooring is an elegant, easy to maintain option that will stand the test of time if cared for correctly. Natural stone is versatile enough to achieve the aesthetic, performance, and cost goals on both the exterior and interior of your home over the long term. Here are some