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All outdoor areas including courtyards, pool surrounds, driveways, pathways, patios and alfresco areas all need to look their best. For some areas, including pathways and driveways they are the first impression when people visit your home. For outdoor areas, you want them to look their best for when you are entertaining family and friends. Being outdoor areas, while tiles may look nice when freshly installed, over time they discolour, wear from natural element. As a result they can become stained, chipped and cracked or even have efflorescence. Other areas may have become a slip hazard over time – creating a safety issue. Don’t settle for outdoor areas that look tired and old. Instead get them rejuvenated back to looking their best.

Outdoor areas in Melbourne have become an extension of our kitchen and living areas. Many homes now feature bi-folding doors that open onto a courtyard, deck or even pool. Melbourne’s hot summers make these areas great for casual entertainment and family gatherings. The use of outdoor areas can even be extended into winter with the use of heating – including outdoor fireplaces. All of this means it is more important then even to maintain your outdoor areas to keep them looking their best.

Outdoor areas vary greatly. Some have ceramic tiles, while others have, bricks, concrete, sandstone, limestone, bluestone, slate and even marble. Each type of tile or stone needs to be treated different when it comes to rejuvenating the look and feel of your outdoor areas.


There are lots of ways we can refresh your outdoor areas Not only will we make your outdoor areas look great but it will be much easier to keep clean.

Here are just some of the services Tile Cleaning Experts provide when doing a outdoor area rejuvenation



Tile Cleaning Experts can give a deep, high-pressure clean to the existing tile and stone surfaces, removing any stains, dirt and build up. Once this has been completed, we will seal the stone, concrete or tiled area and grout lines. This will protect it from future staining, slippery surfaces, mould and moss.

Sealing your outdoor area also make it easier to maintain. This will give you more time to entertain family and friends or just relaxing.

Due to the natural elements and harsh Melbourne sun we recommend you get your outdoor areas professional cleaned every 12 to 18 months.



Some courtyards and patios with terracotta or ceramic tiles can suffer from eroded or peeling grout. Because your outdoor areas are subject to Melbourne’s rain it’s important to get your outdoor areas regrouted as soon as you notice a problem  This is because if water seeps between the tiles it can further erode the substrate underneath it.  As a result you will get a hollow sound when you knock on a tile. It means you could be causing structural damage to your home without even knowing it.


At Tile Cleaning Experts when we regrout we can change the grout colour completely when we regrout your courtyard, patio or pool surrounds. Changing the colour of the grout is a great way to update the look and feel of your outdoor areas. Changing the grout colour is especially popular for outdoor areas that are used for entertaining or relaxing. They even do minor tile repair, which is a cost-effective option instead of tiling the whole area.


If your natural stone outdoor area has been stained, scratched or faded then we can resurface it to bring it back to looking it’s best. We do this by using specialised machinery with diamond infused polishing pads. In Melbourne this process is particularly popular for bluestone outdoor paving areas. However, we also do polishing and resurfacing for other types of natural stones – including marble, slate, sandstone and limestone.


Efflorescence is the crystalline deposit of salts. It is often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone surfaces. It occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits. As water evaporates, the minerals and salt deposits are too heavy to evaporate. With Melbourne’s rainy weather it is a problem a lot of our clients have with their outdoor areas.

It is important to treat efflorescence as soon as you notice it because water leaks can lead to weakening of the glue used on your tiles. This may cause your tiles to become loose or even fall off. Water leaks can also lead to structural damage to your home – damage that can be expensive to fix.


By applying a clear anti-slip treatment to your outdoor area you’re ensuring the safety of you, your family and friends. Anti-slip is near-invisible and won’t affect the natural look of your outdoor areas. It is a particularly popular option around swimming pools, as the area is usually wet when people are enjoying a day in the pool on a hot Melbourne day.


Instead of replacing the entire outdoor area with new tiles, Tile Cleaning Experts are qualified in minor tile repairs. This is a cost-effective measure to restore the outdoor areas to their near-original condition. We either take some of the original tiles (if you have spares) or get them matched to save on cost. Minor tile repair is the perfect solution to cracked or chipped tiles.

Tile Cleaning Experts has over 30 years experience and degrees in nanochemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry. This comprehensive chemistry knowledge means we know how chemical compounds react with your floor and existing surfaces or coatings that may have been applied. Flooring and tiling are specialised areas that requires a bit more knowledge than the usual 4 week course, which is industry standard.

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