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Terms and Conditions

Tile Cleaning Experts (Tile Cleaners Experts) is Australia’s leading premium tile cleaning and natural store restoration service. Below are the Terms and Conditions in which govern the website and services provided. We reserve the right to change these in part or full at our discretion and without notice. By ordering any Tile Cleaning Experts services, by phone, email, website, or other digital requests, the user (Customer) is deemed to have read, understood and therefore legally bound by Australian Law to these Terms and Conditions.

The relevant Australian law shall govern these Terms and Conditions, and by agreeing to be bound by them the Customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of Australia.


  1. All services, including quotes, are subject to a minimum-charge call out fee ($50.00 + GST).
  2. Services provided to Customers outside Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas may incur travel expenses at the discretion of Tile Cleaning Experts.
  3. Tile Cleaning Experts require the Customer or any Third Party requesting the service to be at the property upon arrival and completion of the work to inspect the area
  4. Tile Cleaning Experts reserves the right to amend the initial quote provided should the Customer’s original requirements change or additional work is required (for example, the previous sealant has several layers that require extra stripping).
  5. (Where possible), Customers will be advised of a difference in the initial quote, should it exceed 10% of the initial quote value.
  6. Any advice provided by Tile Cleaning Experts is of a general nature and any future damage, liability, loss of income, injury or death is not the liability of Tile Cleaning Experts.
  7. Where Tile Cleaning Experts are required to collect keys for entry from a third party address, a $20.00 + GST travel charge will be applied when required to travel more than 30 minutes from the job location.
  8. Where sealing services have been carried out, a minimum of four (4) hours is required before it can be touched, and 24 hours before the sealed area is wet. Any disturbance by the Customer or a third party is not the liability of TIle Cleaning Experts.
  9. Any deliberate damage caused by a Customer or third party to the area of service will not be repaired by Tile Cleaning Experts
  10. Where water extraction is required, due to flooding, a 30% + GST charge will be added to the total price.
  11. Where Tile Cleaning Experts incur road tolls and parking fees in order to travel to or carry out the service requested, these charges will be added to the client’s invoice
  12. Lift access is required for premises three (3) stories or greater. Where there is no lift access, an additional charge of $10 +GST for every floor will be applied to the Customer’s invoice (capped at $100)
  13. Tile Cleaning Experts reserves the right to cancel or discontinue a requested job by a Customer upon the following terms:
  14. Water and/ or power is unavailable to the premises.
  15. The Customer or a third party interferes with the service and or process.
  16. The material has been incorrectly described by the Customer when booking.
  17. The minimum call out fee (Clause 1 and Clause 2 of Services) is applicable.
  18. If the Customer has scheduled a site inspection, it must be scheduled to commence no later than 48 hours after the job has been done.
  19. Cleaned tiles will often not be consistent in appearance due to existing wear and tear of the surface area, sun damage (fading) and deeply rooted stains. Sometimes these stains are visible before the dirt is extracted with our machines and it may not be possible to remove those stains entirely. Tile Cleaning Experts uses the state of the art machinery, has chemistry degrees and provides the best possible solutions with the available condition. Customers need to be aware that these limitations are outside Tile Cleaning Experts control and as such Tile Cleaning Experts are not responsible.
  20. Tile Cleaning Experts are not responsible for circumstances deemed out of their control, such as traffic congestion, postponed service due to broken equipment, job unable to be completed due to lack of water or power, outdoor area jobs rescheduled when wet weather occurs, any natural disaster or force of nature that prevents a technician attending the job.
  21. For all minor tile repair work, it is the responsibility of the Customer to source spare tiles for the work to be completed.
  22. The Customer is responsible for moving any household items or furniture within the area that is to be cleaned or restored.

Price Beat Guarantee

  1. Tile Cleaning Experts “10% off any written quote” is valid for our major competitors or any reasonable written quote
  2. Quote may be sent to Tile Cleaning Experts via email, text or shown on the day.
  3. Tile Cleaning Experts reserve the right to refuse written quotes whereby the business is deemed to suffer a financial loss as a consequence.
  4. Tile Cleaning Experts’ 10% off Price Beat Guarantee offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  5. Discount amount is applied to the competitor’s written quote (exc. GST amount).


  1. Payments are to be made by Visa, MasterCard, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), cash, or company cheque only.
  2. Payments via MasterCard and Visa incur 1.5% surcharge
  3. Payments via Diners Club and AMEX incur a 4% surcharge
  4. Tile Cleaning Experts does not share any credit card information with third parties or services
  5. Commercial and Residential payment of service is required immediately upon completion
  6. At the discretion of Tile Cleaning Experts, where a residential service quote exceeds $2,000, 50% of agreed quote amount is payable upfront, upon arrival and 50% immediately upon completion.
  7. At the discretion of Tile Cleaning Experts, where a Commercial and/ or a third party contracted service quote exceeds $1,000, 50% of agreed quote amount is payable upfront upon arrival and 50% within five (5) business days of completion
  8. All Strata services require 100% payment upfront. In the event that the job required additional work due to the nature of the building or materials, Tile Cleaning Experts will cease work at the billed amount until additional payment is allocated for the job.
  9. Under these Terms and Conditions, the Customer, authorises any further road tolls or parking fees to be charged to the debit/ credit card that has been provided by the Customer.
  10. The Customer understands that any late payments may be subject to additional charges deemed applicable by Tile Cleaning Experts.
  11. If payment has not been received within 90 days from the date of service completion, the outstanding invoice will be passed on to a collections agency and/ or appropriate government body, with additional services fees for the collections agency and governing body to be applied to the total amount outstanding
  12. Total price is quoted without GST unless stated otherwise.
  13. All payments to be made in Australian Dollars.


  1. 48 hours notice is required for any cancellation or reschedules an appointment. Failure to do so the Customer is subject to the minimum charge call out fee (Clause 1 of Services) $50.00 + GST.
  2. Customers are liable for the minimum charge call-out fee (Clause 1 of Services) $50.00 + GST  and any travel costs (Clause 2 of Services) in the event no one is at the property, resulting in the technician being turned away
  3. Customers are liable for the minimum charge call-out fee (Clause 1 of Services) $50.00 + GST and any travel costs (Clause 2 of Services) in the event there is no water or power available at the property.
  4. In the event an initial deposit has been paid to Tile Cleaning Experts and a job is cancelled due to reasons stated in Clause 1 of Cancellation, Clause 2 of Cancellation or Clause 3 of Cancellation, the Customer agrees to the refund amount, less the cancellation fee (Clause 1 of Services) $50.00 + GST  and any travel costs (Clause 2 of Services). Refunds may take up to seven (7) days to process.

Complaints Policy and Procedure

We always aim to provide a high standard of care in all our services. Our customers’ views are important to us and help to ensure our services are consistently meeting people’s needs. If you are unhappy with any of our services it is important that you let us know. A full investigation will be conducted upon each complaint submitted in writing to complaints@tilecleaningexperts.com.au

Below is our Complaints Policy which sets out the conditions of service and responsibility for both Tile Cleaning Experts and Customer.  Due to strict requirements and accuracy for complaints, all complaints must be in writing or email with details in Clause 6. We cannot accept Customer complaints via phone.

  1. Customers accept and understand that poor service, breakage/ damage or theft must be reported within 24 hours of job completion.
  2. Any complaints made after 24 hours may be refused
  3. Tile Cleaning Experts requires all Customers and Third Parties to be present at the commencement and completion of each job (Clause 3 Services). Any amends to the job will be undertaken within the same day, or as discussed with the Customer during this process
  4. If the Customer is not 100% satisfied with the cleaning services provided, within reason, Tile Cleaning Experts will re-clean any areas or item/s on the same day or as discussed with the Customer during this process
  5. Complaints are only able to be accepted in writing by email to complaints@tilecleaningexperts.com.au and must include:
  6. The booking or invoice number.
  7. A detailed description of why you are not satisfied with the work
  8. Pictures of the problem
  9. Your proposed resolution
  10. Dates available for possible rectification.
  11. Complaints will be responded to within (5) business days, which will involve an investigation on our behalf
  12. In the event that damage has been caused by Tile Cleaning Experts, we will try and repair the damaged items/s. Should the item/s not be repairable, Tile Cleaning Experts will rectify the issue through our insurance company and credit the Customer with the item/s value if proven to be a direct result of our technicians. It may be an insurance requirement to attend the property to file a report


  1. Tile Cleaning Experts is protected by Public and Employers liability insurance, which covers any accidental damages caused by a Tile Cleaning Expert technician and reported within 24 hours of the job completion date.
  2. Insurance does not cover any household appliances that may break down during the service call, which include but are not limited to such items as TVs, whitegoods, ovens and kitchen appliances, extractor fans, pool pumps, and any of the property’s fixtures or furnishings. The Customer is responsible to advise the attending technician about any hazardous or broken appliances or fixtures which are not in full working order.
  3. Tile Cleaning Experts reserves the right to refuse to share any confidential internal company documents, information, data or other claim related matters unless advised by Tile Cleaning Expert’s Insurance provider.

Customer Satisfaction

  1. Customers are not entitled to any refunds unless advised by Tile Cleaning Experts in writing.
  2. Any complaint must be made in writing to complaints@tilecleaningexperts.com.au within 24 hours of the service date for an investigation and resolution to be undertaken.
  3. In the resolution of any dispute or unsatisfied Customer, the Customer accepts the same technician to attend the job site to re-do any areas that are outlined in writing by Tile Cleaning Experts. At this time, the Customer is required to be present at the property for the entire time of the return visit.