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Over time, silicone around shower and bath edges, kitchen tops, vanities, splashbacks and other water-exposed areas in your home can become discoloured, trap mould, peel and even stain. Not only does it make your kitchen, bathroom or laundry look dirty, but it is unhygienic as well. It may also be causing water damage without you even realising it. This is why Tile Cleaning Experts specialise in silicone repairs.  We understand how important it is to not only have your home free of dirty and mould, but also protected from water damage.

In most cases, silicone can’t be cleaned. This means replacement of the silicone is necessary. By replacing the silicone you not only restore the clean lines, but also waterproof the adjoining areas. 

We also do expansion joint replacement. This is a silicone-like elastomeric sealant found on hard floors, both tiled and concreted. The joints between these surfaces are deeper, wider and thicker than wet areas that just require silicone.  Expansion joint replacement means that when your floor moves over time, no cracking will show.

Our trained technicians also do minor tile repairs. We often notice damaged tiles in  showers, bathrooms, patio and other tiled areas when we are doing our silicone repairs.


  • Inspection – We do a detailed inspection. This is to make sure we identify all the damaged silicone that needs to be replaced.
  • Discussion –  We discuss with you the expectations you have in relation to the silicon replacement process and the finish you are after.
  •  Quote – We provide you with a full quote before we start any work. This way you know exactly how much the silicone repair will cost upfront.
  • Remove the old silicone – We carefully remove the old silicone using specialised tools and equipment. 
  • Deep clean of adjoining areas –  All adjoining areas are given a deep clean using a specialised solution. We make sure we remove any residues that can prevent the new silicone from sticking.
  • Drying out any remaining moisture – We make sure that all areas are dry before we begin the next step.
  • Colour matching – Before we apply the silicone we ensure it colour matches to your tiles and grout.
  • New silicone is applied – The new silicone is applied and smoothed out to a professional finish.
  • Excess Silicone removed – All silicone residue is removed. This is done before the silicone starts to dry.
  • Effective Seal – We do a thorough check to make sure the silicone has created an effective seal.
  • Voila – hello clean silicone. Not only does it look great but no more unhealthy mould growing.
  • After silicone repair care – The area where the silicone has been repair (eg shower) should not be used for 24 hours.

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Silicone application is harder than it looks. That’s why we recommend a professional to get it straight, smooth, thin and watertight. Improper application can cause permanent damage, look quite jarring or even cause water damage if it is has not been sealed correctly. Contact us for a free quote today.

Find out more about some of our the silicone repair jobs we have done for our many satisfied customers by viewing our before and after photos