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Efflorescence Treatment

Efflorescence is the crystalline deposit of salts often seen on the surface of concrete, brick, stucco or natural stone surfaces. It usually looks like a white powder on the edge of the surface.  However, if the surface is particularly porous, eg sandstone, the tiles itself will have the efflorescence.

Efflorescence usually occurs when the tiles have been installed over concrete that has not completely dried. Basically, as water evaporates, the minerals and salt deposits are too heavy to evaporate.

Although most Melbourne home owners consider it to be very unsightly it won’t make you sick like mould can. However, while people think that it’s mainly a cosmetic issue, it can also indicate excessive moisture or leaking underneath the tiles or floors of your Melbourne home. In addition, water leaks can lead to weakening tile glue. This can cause your tiles to fall off or become loose. In addition, it may also cause structural damage. This type of damage can occur in both Melbourne free-standing homes as well as high-rise apartments.

Melbourne is more prone to efflorescence. This is because in cooler climates, concrete that is laid in winter is more likely to produce efflorescence. This is due to bricklayers and tilers often using calcium chloride to accelerate the set time of the concrete.

Efflorescence is commonly found on garage floors, house slabs, foundations, concrete, patios, driveways, courtyards, pathways, retaining walls and chimneys.

We provide our efflorescence removal services to  marble, slatebluestone, sandstone,  and limestone as well as ceramic tiles. So no matter the surface you can trust Tile Cleaning Experts to remove unsightly efflorescence.


  • Inspection – We do a detailed inspection. This is to make sure we identify everything that needs to be done in relation to the efflorescence removal process. We also discuss with you the expectations you have in relation to the efflorescence removal process and finish.
  • Quote –  We provide you with a full quote before we start any work. This way you know exactly how much the efflorescence removal will cost upfront.
  • Apply Formulated Solution – We use a formulated chemical to remove the efflorescence particles
  • Apply Penetrating Solution – We then use a penetrating solution to remove any additional stains that may have been caused to the surface area
  • Specialised Machinery – For more stubborn areas, we’ll use a hand-held or rotary machine to extract the dirt and stains that haven’t lifted
  • Silicone and Regrouting – If silicone or regrouting work is required to make sure the area is watertight we’ll discuss and recommend this option to you. Find out more about our silicone and regrouting services
  • Seal the Tiles – If required, we then seal your your natural stone surfaces and tiles. Find out more about our tile sealing services.
  • Missing Tiles – We can replace any missing tiles that have become loose
  • Voila – hello to tiles free of efflorescence!

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after Efflorescence removal on outdoor pavers


Our tile cleaning experts go that extra step and advise you on the best method and products to maintain your surface areas free of efflorescence.

Find out more about some of our efflorescence removal jobs we have done for our many satisfied customers by viewing our before and after photos.