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Porcelain Cleaning, Sealing, Repair

Whether it be on your living room floors, shower walls or balcony floors, porcelain tiles are a great and versatile option in any home or workspace.

Porcelain tiles are made from the same clay as ceramic tiles but also contains Silicate minerals which gives procelain’s characteristic white seashell colour. The only way to bond the clay and mineral together to form the porcelain is to heat it up to temperatures around 1500 degrees celsius. Because of this specific composition and extremely high temperatures, porcelain tiles are extremely dense making them heavier and almost non-porous.


With such extreme processes required to make porcelain, the finished tile is one of the hardest flooring surfaces you can have; even harder than granite!


The colour of porcelain tile is not just on the surface but runs down through the tile. This means that the color will stay the same as it wears down which will take some considerable time and the hard wearing nature of porcelain allows it to be used in any area, be it wet or dry.


There are two types of porcelain tiles installed in the average home – glazed porcelain tiles and unglazed porcelain tiles.


Glazed porcelain tiles undergo an extra process in which liquid glass is bonded on top of the porcelain. This allows for a variety of different patterns and colours to be given to the tile other than your usual earthy mineral colours that unglazed porcelain characteristically has. Glazed porcelain is practically non-porous so the need for sealing them is eliminated. The only downside is that the grout between the tiles are so porous that any imperfection tends to show up right away. A professional clean and a good quality sealant will help keep your Glazed Porcelain floors and grout lines looking fantastic for years to come.


Unglazed porcelain tiles undergo a polishing process from the factory to refine the overall aesthetic look. This process, although it brings up a shine, opens up the pores of the tiles just enough that they become absorbent. All unglazed porcelain tiles require a quality penetrating sealer in order to stop staining and absorption of dirt over time. In most cases, a professional clean of unglazed porcelain tiles will bring them back to new again and then a quality penetrating sealer will keep them looking that way for years to come.


Due to the dense nature of porcelain, the surface is very smooth and floors can become extremely slippery when wet. One the best ways to combat this is an anti-slip treatment applied by a professional. When applied by a professional, it won’t deflect from the aesthetics or shine that porcelain gives.