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At Tile Cleaning Experts we specialise in anti-slip treatment for tiles. Browse our Frequently Asked Question to learn more about our anti-slip treatment for tiles.  In our FAQ’s we have put together some commonly asked questions like what is an anti-slip treatment, the common areas that the anti-slip treatment and how often do you need to apply an anti-slip treatment.

If you have question that you can’t find the answer to in relation to our anti-slip treatment services contact us either by  email or phone.

What is Anti-slip?

Sometime the properties of your floor may lend to being more slippery than other flooring types. Other times, the area may become more slippery when

after terracotta clean seal dining high gloss
after clean polish shopping centre business office porcelain
after porcelain kitchen clean
before strip and seal vinyl high gloss

What are some common areas to get Anti-slip applied?

Showers, bathrooms, hallways, entrance ways, porch steps and other high-traffic areas. We even do timber stairs cases in your home, as well as pool areas

Do you apply those ugly industrial strips?

No, our specialised Anti-slip chemical is absolutely not visible to the naked eye. It can be applied to any stone and tile type. While we can install industrial strips to residential and commercial properties, if you’re wanting a more seamless approach to your property then our anti-slip chemical will definitely do the trick. It’s evenly applied to the existing surface area opening up the pores of the tiles and increases the slip resistance of any floor tile. It’s best to have your tiles sealed afterwards in order to increase longevity of the anti-slip properties.

Will I be able to notice the Anti-slip?

Depending on which Anti-slip service you choose generally you will not notice any difference; only feel. Our technician will provide a sample to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Are there any surfaces that don’t take well to Anti-slip?

Nope, any area that you want to prevent slipping, we can apply it.

How often do I need to apply Anti-slip and will it wear down?

Our anti-slip chemical changes the surface structure of the tiles at a microscopic level. This means over time they will need to be done again. It all depends on the amount of foot traffic, how well it’s cleaned and if it exposed to the elements of Mother Nature. Sealing your tiles after an Anti-Slip treatment is a fantastic way to increase the longevity of the anti-slip treatment.

How do I clean Anti-slip once you’ve left my home, office or venue?

Tile Cleaning Experts recommends weekly cleaning and mopping with a pH neutral product, as well as doormats at entrances. This will avoid grit being walked onto the floor and prevent scratching. We do not recommend stronger solution for your regular weekly cleaning, as both acidic and alkaline based cleaners may affect the integrity of the sealer and can damage the timber.

How is your service charged?

All flooring specialists charge per square meter. We will ask you for an estimate of the area size that will be serviced when booking over the phone. Our experts will measure each room individually and confirm the dimensions and work prior to starting the job.

What floor types are do you specialise in?

We’re experts in all hard surfaced, and natural and manmade stone areas. Some common types we service (but are not limited to) are: ceramic, slate, limestone, travertine, sandstone, bluestone, terracotta, marble, granite, terrazzo, vinyl, concrete and porcelain. You can read more about the properties of these under types of floors’

How do I measure the area that needs to be buffed or waxed?

When quoting over the phone, the simplest way to measure the area is to multiply the width and length of the area to be cleaned. E.g. A room that is 2 meters long and 4 meters wide would be 4 x 2 = 8m2 in total. Our experts will determine the exact dimensions when on site and confirm before they start any work.

How do I organise a quote and how long will it take?

Simply, fill in our ‘free online quote’ section and a team member will contact you with the details you provide. In most cases, we can easily provide a quote to you over the phone within 5 – 10 minutes, answering any questions or concerns that you may have. On the day, Tile Cleaning Experts will inspect the area and confirm the quote before starting. In rare cases, we may need to attend the location to provide a quote. This can be discussed with you over the phone.

Will you help me move my furniture?

We ask that you clear the area that Tile Cleaning Experts is cleaning. Tile Cleaning Experts insurance coverage means we are only covered by our restoration services and cannot be held responsible for the damage to any furniture or items.

How can I prepare for a professional to come?

We ask that you move all furniture and items in the area to be cleaned, as well as any obstructing furniture between the main entrance point and the area to be cleaned to allow for our professional equipment and machines. A quick vacuum is appreciated to remove any loose dirt, dust and hair. We also recommend painter’s tape on cornices that may come into contact with the industrial hose (as a precautionary). You can read more about this in our blog section.

What are your hours and availability?

We understand that everyone’s schedule is a little different, so we are flexible in the hours that we work. Generally speaking, we work Monday – Saturday between 7am to 5pm. However, if there is a need for after-hours services we are happy to accomodate. Our technicians can usually attend the property within 2 – 10 days from making the booking at a time that suits you.

travertine polishing after
after clean polish stairs pool area outoors ceramic efflorescence
bathroom floor regrouting after
balcony terracotta epoxy grouting sealing after

Is there a call out fee?

As our expert technicians are travelling to your premises, our call out fee is inline with industry standards, which is charged at $75 + GST if the job does not go ahead.

Is there a minimum charge?

We have a minimum charge of $250 + GST for all metro jobs. This is inline with standard industry rates.


Our tile cleaning experts go that extra step and advise you on the best method and products to maintain your shiny and clean newly sealed floors.

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