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Your luxurious bathroom, (especially the shower) or kitchen in your Warrandyte home will look tired and old if the tiles or natural stone surfaces are in need of a good clean. The same thing applies for outdoor areas. Family time isn’t as enjoyable if the area surrounding the pool looks like it needs a good clean. In order for your tiles or natural stone to look its best take the extra step of sealing it after you have them cleaned. By doing this, it will make them easier to clean.

Cleaning removes the stains, mould and stubborn dirt as well as disinfects the surface area of your tiles and natural stone. This is best done by leaving a formulated solution on your floors and then using machinery to powerfully lift and extract the dirt. This is all done carefully to keep your floors from being damaged.

Eliminating the dirt, grime, stains, discolouration and mould from your natural stone and tile surfaces on your own is a tough job. Most especially without the use of specialised machinery and solution. The worse thing is, despite all your hard work, most often you just end up removing the superficial dirt leaving your tiles still looking dirty. That’s why tile cleaning is best left to the tile cleaning professionals

Sealing your tiles and grout reduces the stains and make future cleaning easier. Sealing also creates a barrier that protects the flooring from chemical spills, pets, deterioration and other stains. It also makes it easier to clean. This is why most home owners in Warrandyte choose to have their stone and tiles sealed when they get them cleaned.

There are hundreds of sealers in the market. This is because different tiles and grout require different types of sealer. However, as we have many years of experience in sealing tiles we know the best one for your tiles.

In addition to sealing ceramic tiles, we also seal marble, slate, bluestone, sandstone, limestone, porcelain tiles and quarry tiles. So no matter the surface you can trust Tile Cleaning Experts to bring back their sparkle.

To maintain the lustre of tiles and natural stone surfaces in your Warrandyte  home, it is highly recommended that you have them sealed every few years. 


  • Inspection – We do a detailed inspection of the tile or stone surfaces you want cleaned and sealed in your Warrandyte home. This is to make sure we identify everything that needs to be done in relation to cleaning and sealing the natural stone or tiles. We also discuss with you the expectations you have in relation to the cleaning and sealing process and finish.
  • Quote –  We provide you with a full quote before we start any work. This way you know exactly how much the natural stone or tile cleaning and sealing will cost upfront.
  • Apply Solution – We determine the most suitable solution to clean the natural stone or tiles. If the area is badly stained we will also apply a stain removal agent.
  • Clean the Tiles – We use specially designed equipment to remove all grime, mould, stains and discolouration. Find out more about our tile cleaning services.
  • Clean the Grout – Often when we clean stone and tile surfaces we also clean the grout as well. Find out more about our grout cleaning services.
  • Grout is Sealed – We then seal the grout to help protect it from mould, mildew and further discolouration or damage.
  • Sealer added to the Tiles – We determine and then apply the best sealer for your natural stone or tile surface
  • Stripping the Tiles – If your natural stone or tiles have already been sealed, they may need to be stripped if the sealant has worn away or damaged. Find out more about our tile stripping services.
  • Voila – hello new natural stone and tiles that look great and are much easier to keep clean in your Warrandyte home! 

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before pool area fence cement pavers cleanafter pool area fence cement pavers clean


Our tile cleaning experts go that extra step and advise you on the best method and products to use in between professional clean and seals, so you can maintain and enjoy the sparkle for longer in your Warrandyte home.

Find out more about some of our the cleaning and sealing jobs we have done for our many satisfied customers by viewing our before and after photos. 


At Tile Cleaning Experts we specialise in tile cleaning – for both tiles and natural stone. We provide a full tile cleaning service that includes stripping, sealing, cleaning, polishing and resurfacing, minor tile repair work, regrouting, anti-slip treatment and shower restoration. Our experts know everything there is to know about floors. This includes how your existing sealer or properties will react and how to get the best result. See before and after photos of our most popular services.

We not only specialise in providing our tile cleaning services to Warrandyte, but to all Melbourne suburbs. So no matter where you are in Melbourne we will come and clean your natural stone or tile surfaces to give them back their sparkle.

The types of stones and tiles we specialise in cleaning and restoring include bluestone, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, ceramic, quarry tiles and wooden floors.

The main areas we clean and restore tiles includes kitchens (including stone benches), lounge and dining rooms, bathrooms (including shower restorations), hallways and stairs, courtyards, driveways and pool surrounds, and commercial offices.

Our founders have over 30 years’ experience and University degrees in nanochemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry. This robust chemistry knowledge means we know how chemical compounds react with your floor and existing surfaces or coatings that may have been applied. Flooring is a specialised area that requires a bit more knowledge than the usual 4 week course, which is industry standard, so be sure to do