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Marble Restoration Services for Clifton Hill Homes

Marble Restoration Services for Clifton Hill Homes


Marble is renowned for its beauty, elegance and style. It provides a high-end, luxurious option for interiors including for floors as well as bathroom and kitchen benchtops. This is why it is the stone of choice for most Clifton Hill homes. In addition, marble has a timeless appearance that is elegant but durable. It is no wonder it has become so popular in the Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill.

In spaces, like hallways kitchens and bathrooms, marble makes an elegant design statement. And like all stone tiles, marble also requires maintenance. Being a porous type of stone, marble is prone to stains, scratches and wears easily. This is especially true when marble is exposed to household acids like vinegar, mustard, citrus and other food-related products. This acidic substances can cause deep stains, etching in the tile and can remove the marble’s natural, stunning shine.

Marble also needs to sealed regularly like other natural stones. Hiring a professional for restoration of your marble in your Clifton Hill home is really worth it. This is partly because cleaning products for deep stains on marble are limited. In addition, marble polishing is best left to the experts. This is because we have the specialised machinery with diamond infused polishing pads that will restore the natural lustre of your marble tiles.


There’s a great deal of variety available when it comes to marble for your Clifton Hill home. This includes:

  • Veining: Small lines of color what gives this natural stone its unique look. In fact this veining affect is often referred to as “marbleized” when describing other items.
  • Gloss: A highly polished version of the stone that makes it reflective and shiny.
  • Tumbled: A process that distresses and ages the stone so it appears dulled. This soft look creates a milky, creamy color, making it seem buffed rather than glossy.
  • Honed: A no-gloss variety that has a flat, matte, or satin finish. It creates an earthy affect that’s become popular due to its less formal appeal. Plus, it reduces risk of etching.
  • Etching: With everyday foot traffic, the surface may slightly wear by slowly removing its initial polish.


marble benchtop polishing before

When you have marble surfaces, you have an attractive hard wearing surface that will endure. But things can still happen that damage or mark the surface. That is why Tile Cleaning Experts offer a range of services specific to marble that will return your marble surface to its best finish.


One of the most popular services we provide is restoring of marble surfaces in Clifton Hill homes. It is the process that cleans the marble before honing away signs of wear and scratches on the surface. The marble surface is then polished to return it to it’s, original finish. Finally the marble surface is sealed to maintain it’s fresh look for as long as possible.  

Here are just some of the major benefits of polishing and resurfacing marble:

  • Restores the marble to its original shiny finish –  making it look like new again
  • Decreases dust and grime
  • Helps to preserve the marble for longer
  • Makes it easier to clean and maintain the marble
  • Removes any cracks and stains

Find out more about the polishing and resurfacing process

outdoor tumbled marble clean and slea after


At Tile Cleaning Experts we specialise in floor and tiles – especially natural stones. Our services include stripping, sealing, cleaning, polishing and resurfacing, minor tile repair work, regrouting, anti-slip treatment and shower restoration. Our experts know everything there is to know about floors – how your existing sealer or properties will react and how to get the best result. See before and after photos of our most popular services.

The types of stones and tiles we specialise in cleaning and restoring include bluestone, slate, marble, sandstone, limestone, ceramic, quarry tiles and wooden floors.

The main areas we clean and restore tiles includes kitchens (including stone benches), lounge and dining rooms, bathrooms (including shower restorations), hallways and stairs, courtyards, driveways and pool surrounds, and commercial offices.

Our founders have over 30 years’ experience and University degrees in nanochemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry. This robust chemistry knowledge means we know how chemical compounds react with your floor and existing surfaces or coatings that may have been applied. Flooring is a specialised area that requires a bit more knowledge than the usual 4 week course, which is industry standard, so be sure to do your research when investing in your floors!