Grout Colour Sealing

Although we are the experts and we know exactly how to colour seal your group, in any colour you want. We we always recommend to regrout your floors. This also comes with the option of a colour of your choice. We can also mix the sealant with grout to make it more durable and resistant than grout colour sealing. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

However, as the story goes, the customer is always right and if you choose to proceed down the grout colour sealing route, then this how we work that magic:


  • We assess the area of concern and discuss your expectations, confirming cost before we start
  • We clean the tile’s grout lines and ensure the removal of any dirt deposits
  • An epoxy based, grout colour sealant is then applied over the grout lines
  • A final wipe down of the area is completed and your area is colour sealed.
  • Abracadabra – your grout lines have now changed colour.


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