Commercial areas and offices (indoor and outdoor)


Options to rejuvenate and impress in your business:


  • High-pressure clean of tiles and grout, as well as seal to protect
  • Regrout stained grout lines to look like new
  • Recolour your grout lines to match your specifications
  • Polishing, waxing and buffing to restore shine
  • Minor tile repairs
  • Anti-slip treatment, which is subtle and complimentary.


First impressions count when it comes to business. Don’t underestimate how dull and lifeless floors can bring down the prestigious look you’re trying to convey to your customers. Ever noticed a car dealerships’ floors cracked and worn? On the contrary, you’ve probably noticed a sticky or stained shopping centre floor. Clean and polished floors can complement the existing space as well as provide safety to customers and or staff (using anti-slip treatment). Our commercial services cover both indoor and outdoor to achieve the best outcome and add to your office or business.


Cleaning your floors and tiles

The technology and equipment used by Tile Cleaning Experts is state of the art and has been developed specifically in conjunction with formulated cleaning solutions. Our professional machines and technicians use heat, varying water pressure, developed solutions and machines that scrub and extract simultaneously to provide a deep clean, sanitize the area and remove all debris, rather than moving it around. Naturally, this provides better results than traditional mops and scrubbers.


Waxing, buffing and polishing

Often businesses want to polish or wax their floor. While this provides a high shine to the surface, it can also remove aesthetic scratches in the tile or hard floor surface.


Sealing tile and grout

After the area has been cleaned it can then be sealed. Sealant acts as a preventative coat for both tiles and grout lines against stains, germs and scratches. It’s a transparent layer that allows the existing natural stone or floor to breathe – meaning that vapour transmission is allowed. Tile Cleaning Experts can recolour your grout with specific tones to match your specifications and change the look of the tile area. A sealant will be mixed with the grout recolour to ensure your grout lines are protected.


By sealing both tiles and grout you:

  • Protect against staining, dirt absorption and efflorescence build-up
  • Prevent bacteria formation
  • Extend the life of your tiles and grout
  • Make regular maintenance easier
  • Decrease and prevent grout cracking or peeling



By applying a clear topical anti-slip treatment you’re ensuring the safety of guests, customers and employees. Anti-slip is near-invisible and won’t affect the natural look of your tiles or flooring. This is applied after any cleaning, polishing, waxing and sealing steps.


Minor tile and carpet repairs and re-grouting

Instead of replacing the entire floor with new tiles, Tile Cleaning Experts are qualified in minor tile repairs, as well as regrouting. This is a cost-effective measure to restore the floors to their near-original condition.


Similarly, if a patch of carpet has been damaged, burnt or stained, we can invisibly mend it using the latest technology and processes to ensure seamless repair and ensure it blends into the original carpeted area. Tile Cleaning Experts are also qualified carpet cleaning specialists, removing any stains and grime deeply embedded in the carpet infrastructure.


Tile Cleaning Experts have over 30 years’ experience and degrees in nanochemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry. This robust chemistry knowledge means we know how chemical compounds react with your floor and existing surfaces or coatings that may have been applied. Flooring is a specialised area that requires a bit more knowledge than the usual 4 week course, which is industry standard.


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