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Healthy Tiles make a Healthy Home

The flooring and tiles you choose in your space really creates the atmosphere. It complements and unifies many design and decor elements – much like a frame on a gorgeous piece of art of photography.

Often, we’re less inclined to notice that the picture frame is looking a little tired and dull, but once polished, the artwork pops and the solution seemed so simple.

There are many benefits to having a professional tile and grout cleaning service come into your home or office. From improving the aesthetics, increasing the resale value, general maintenance and restoration, right through to health benefits.


One of the most important things in any family home is providing good health. Kitchen and bathrooms are areas that attract a higher presence of germs and viruses. These harmful microorganisms can absorb into the porous properties of grout and the tiles themselves. Having a professional tile and grout cleaner work their magic and provide a deep clean eliminates harmful bacteria and gets into those hard to reach places.


Every home or office has hidden spaces that remain uncleaned. These place can harbour harmful germs and bacteria, which can trigger your family, employees or guests’ allergies. A deep clean with professional solutions and materials is a sure way manage the elements for allergy sufferers.


The humidity and climate of bathrooms provide the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria in the grout. As grout expands to fill the area between the tiles it becomes porous, especially when it’s exposed to water. This can produce mould, and once mould sets in, it can produce thousands of spores that can be harmful to your health. If these spores become airborne they can trigger allergic reactions, such as runny or blocked noses, skin and eye irritation, asthma. In extreme cases, mould exposure can result in nosebleeds, sore throats and be affect your immune system.

While bleach is a common household chemical used to remove grime, mould and mildew, it’s not effective and proper care needs to be taken place when working with any chemical (including taking care of the long-term effects of our respiratory health).


Whether it’s a professional clean or a strip and seal, which removes the dirt build up and seals the tiles and grout like new, your day-to-day cleaning will be more manageable. Our experts have over 30 years’ experience cleaning floors, repairing tiles and protecting your floors. The professional equipment allows them to remove stains and germs quick and effectively, meaning maintaining the shine and a healthy home will be easy.

  1. Tile Cleaning Experts not only have the experience necessary to tackle the dirtiest of floors, but they have degrees in nanochemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry. This means they know what chemicals or solutions will react with your existing floor or tiles, as well as the safe application and removal of any existing grout or sealant. Check out the before and after photos of our grout and and sealing work.